Update on the working behind the scenes


It has been a couple of weeks without an update, so I wanted to let everyone know what has been happening. As you know, The B.A.R. is very young and just getting started. From a legal formation standpoint, we are waiting for the State of NJ. Because of this, our hands are tied in many aspects. The pre-order for the 08012.org shirts is on hold as we can’t even open a bank account without the State or Federal Government issuing an EIN number. We need a bank account to process credit cards. Because we are at their mercy, there is not much we can do. Once we have received the good news, we will be sure to let you know and keep that project going. In addition, many more to follow!

Farmer’s Market

The B.A.R. did a lot of work on bringing the Farmer’s Market back to downtown Blackwood. After dozens of hours meeting with other local markets learning best practices, vendor info, volunteer advice, we were never able to officially announce that The B.A.R. would be officially be bringing this back. Meetings with the County Health Department, Fire Department, and property owners within the Arts District apparently were all for naught. The Township has informed me our non-profit will not be running the market. There is much more to the timeline and story, but I will save that for another day.

The Market will be the first of it’s kind, from what I can tell. It will not be run by a community organization such as the B.A.R with the support of the local government. Instead, the ownership of the Market will be that of Gloucester Township seeking the community expertise.

The bottom line, the Market is in the works to be a “thing” again in downtown Blackwood. At the moment, I am still involved. However, I am limited in my capabilities to operate. (Read: Get S*#T done) Not exactly an ideal situation, in my opinion. However, I am willing to work with them in making sure this is happening because it is in the best interest of the area. That being said, it is also not the B.A.R.’s market and decisions are that of the township. Execution and ultimate decisions need to be made by them, not by the B.A.R.

Community involvement is still going to be needed. I urge you to participate and volunteer along with me to help the market’s success in building up the community and area.

Upcoming Community Project

There will be some more info and an update to come later in the week. The B.A.R. is teaming up with the Gloucester Township and Pine Hill Rotary on bringing a feel good, do good event. I wish I could say more at the moment, but all the I’s need to be dotted and the T’s crossed.

Town wide Yard Sale

Don’t forget, the date is approaching. We are submitting a permit for a town wide yard sale for April 30th This is something we can all rally behind, post and advertise. Not only for ourselves, but it will be something that helps your neighbor as well. This is something we can start doing on an annual basis, but let’s start it now, as a community. All working together for the greater good.


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