Many of the projects The B.A.R. is planning have costs associated with them. We are looking to raise money to support the execution of these through different methods. Our “Friends” design is the first fundraising method we are putting out. We would love your support an look forward to seeing our friends sporting their swag out in public!  

Single use bags are soon to be illegal. You are going to be required to buy bags anyway. Why not support a cause that is making an effort to make a difference in your community. Yes they may cost slightly more than buying on Amazon, but I guarantee Amazon doesn’t need your money more than a local cause. Show your pride in community every time you shop!


Pre-Orders are being taken to minimize the guesswork around ordering quantity and sizes. We will be taking pre-orders until Feb 14th. Production will start after Feb 14th. There is no money needed to submit your order. We will contact you for payment before Feb 14th so production can start. 


Blackwood Shirt

Crew Neck

Crew Neck



Tote Bag

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