Blackwood town wide yard sale

yard sale

The planning has begun for bringing some events to Blackwood. One of the simplest, easily executable and worthwhile events we are able to announce is going to be a town wide yard sale. Spring is a time of new beginnings, so lets clean out and clean up was part of the thought process when coming up with ideas to help revitalize Blackwood.

In Gloucester Township, residents must have a permit in order to hold a yard sale legally. The B.A.R. is pulling the required permit on behalf of those looking to participate. Be sure to take the survey at the end to vote on a date, either April 30th or May 7th.

Although a town wide yard sale may not be an event where people gather and get to know their neighbors, it is still a community event. We feel on multiple levels this can benefit Blackwood. Working together to promote bringing people to Blackwood (for any reason) is the start of bringing attention to the area. Drawing people to the town for commerce. Getting people to travel through our streets. Maybe spotting a cute house for sale. Maybe realizing the ease of access to highways. What if they were a business owner and noticed the traffic and possibilities to bring their business to town?

Let’s start planning this simple community event. Start talking about it to friends and neighbors. Get in the habit of promoting things going on where you live, eat, play, worship or send your children to school. Together we can make it a success and maybe start an annual event similar to the 1st annual Luminary.

If you have any interest in participating, I would as if you could take this survey. Should take no more than 30 seconds to complete, but will be a great help in planning.


  1. Would be interested in attending. Thanks

  2. Interested. Either date works

  3. We are interested & either date is fine with us. Thank you

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