Who We Are

We are members of the Blackwood Community looking to bring progress to the downtown area.

Keith Gibbons

How The B.A.R. started

Keith Gibbons has been a Blackwood resident since 2006. As a single father with one daughter getting older and asking more mature questions, Keith decided it was the perfect opportunity to actually show her the answer to “Daddy, where do streets come from?”

Father and daughter began attending all the public meetings they were able to attend. From these, his daughter’s new questions were around why things take so long to happen. With this question, Keith could not simply answer “Bureaucracy”. Instead, he decided to show her that you do not have to wait for someone else. Change can happen from anyone, including the two of them. From there, Keith began the process of forming a nonprofit organization to make a difference in their community. 

Our Mission Statement

B.A.R. is dedicated to initiating the renewal of downtown Blackwood. We will be working to bring further progress and development through business and community education. B.A.R. will be organizing events that will provide fundraising opportunities to help promote synergy and awareness throughout our community.

Community Support

Everyone in the community benefits by supporting their neighbor. Educating a neighbor about the importance of the appearance of their property is one thing, but helping them do that is another. We are here to take action that has not been taken for far too long.

food truck

Events & Fundraisers

With more than 25+ years of producing some of the largest events in the country there is no reason we can’t create events to makea better place to live. For everyone. 

Grant Funding

Seeking out grant funding to help the local small businesses in our community will be part of our mission. 

Monetary Donations

Volunteering your time

Spreading the word

Give Money.

If you do not have time
to donate,
monetary donations are welcome

The community thanks you for your generosity in donating to help make Blackwood a better place to work and live!

Give Time.

Share your time, share your
love for community

We will need people like you to make a positive impact. Let us know you want to make a difference!