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The Blackwood Area Revitalization

Our Mission Statement

The B. A. R. is dedicated to initiating the renewal of downtown Blackwood by building a community. We will be working to bring further progress and development through business and community efforts of education and events. Bringing people together with opportunities to help promote synergy and awareness throughout our community.  


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    Our government's role in this revitalization effort is providing infrastructure development and funding while fostering a relationship with the community, which includes local businesses.

    Working together doing our parts is the secret to the success of any revitalization plan.

    The community's role is to come together for the common good of its members and to support the community's businesses, which in turn support the community as a whole.


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    Building a community is a team effort. Consider joining your neighbors and friends to help make a difference in our area.

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    Keith Gibbons
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